The Brooklyn Rail

“Yasi Alipour: As Dreams”, by Vered Engelhard June2019

Volume One / Triple Canopy

“A Brief List of Premises by an Artist Stuck with Paper, Politics, and Performance”February2019 



Spot Magazine, Houston Center for Photography

“On Artist: Arash Fewzee”, Fall 2019

The Brooklyn Rail

“In Conversation: Aliza Nisenbaum with Yasi Alipour”, September 2019

“In Conversation: Jane Benson with Yasi Alipour”, May 2019

“In Conversation: Kevin Beasley with Yasi Alipour”February2019


 “Ivan Forde: Dense Lightness”December2018/January 2019

“Hiwa K: Blind as the Mother Tongue”November2018

“Please Touch: Body Boundaries”, September 2018

“Makan Ashgvari: To Trucks”May 2018


Asia Contemporary Art Week, Arte East

“New Media Society”2017

The Brooklyn Rail

“Marinella Senatore: Piazza Universale/Social Stages”July 2017

“Lygia Pape: A Multitude of Forms”May 2017


The Brooklyn Rail

“Phil Collins: How to make a Refugee”September 2016

“But a Storm is Blowing from Paradise: Contemporary art of the Middle East and North Africa”July/August 2016

“Shimone Attie: Facts on the Ground”June 2016

“Nicky Nodjoumi: You and Me”April 2016

“I Am a Lie and I am Gold”March 2016

The Photograph Magazine

“Kamolpan Chotvicha,”July/August 2016

“Ann Parker”May/June 2016 

“Gus Powell”Mar/Apr 2016 

“Walid Raad”January/February 2016, Page 62


The Brooklyn Rail

“Power of Pictures: Early Soviet Photography/Early Soviet Film”December 2015/January 2016

“Adam Fuss λόγος”November 2015, Page 45

“Letter from Tehran”October 2015, Page 52-53

“Shirin Neshat, Facing History”September 2015, Page 70

“Wael Shawky, Cabaret Crusades”July/August 2015

“Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian, Infinite Possibilities”May 2015, Page 90

“To All the Pomegranates We Lost Along the Way”April 2015

“Nicoló Degiorgis, Hidden Islam”March 2015, Page 101

The Dear Dave

“Hidden Islam,” Summer/Fall 2015, Page 46-49

2014                             Come Together: Surviving Sandy

“Self Portrait (Pink T-shirt): Roy, Chuck Close”