"Self Portrait, Fold the Screen," is an hour long performance, with the artist backlit and separated from her audience by a translucent screen, during which she creates an intricate binary form on the screen through repetitive large scale folding—that requires full body participation. What can be seen of her body is her shadow, her folding hand and what the turn of the paper allow.

"We are Nowhere, And, It's Now," Is a project that became possible with enormous help from all across the world. In this piece, Through 24 clocks, 24 devices, and 24 phone call, for three hours live voices from all across the world created a truly global watch—every number the handle can land on presented as connection nowhere it is currently lived. All that was left was my Iran, one of the few countries in the universe with a 30 minute time difference.

"Find Me" is an eight hour endurance performance. Performed overnight and in solitude, in the ritualistic process, all the hundreds of scrolls created from every single page of Shahnameh (Persian Book of Kings) are carefully placed next to one another. By sunset the floor piece (20"x20") is left in the public space next an emptied book and a single letter, to await its unexacting audience.